Seeking Stories From Immigrants in Johnson County

According the the U.S. Census Bureau, over 32,000 residents of Johnson County were born outside the United States. The Johnson County Museum would like to hear from 1st or 2nd generation immigrants to Johnson County in an attempt to collect and preserve their unique stories for an upcoming exhibit. The survey is an attempt to capture a comprehensive view of a person’s life and experiences.

portrait of a couple

Herman & Laura Oshel

Museums, archives and libraries are charged with caring for materials that are valuable to their patrons. These institutions typically seek out items and add them their collections through donations, loans or occasionally through purchase. In recent years this activity has expanded to include the active collection and creation of historical material.

This effort by the Museum is a perfect example. If they do not proactively seek out the stories of local immigrant communities, they may be lost or swept aside. The Museum is quite literally creating historical documents for the benefit of present and future generations of Johnson Countians.

Link to the Johnson County Museum Immigrant Survey


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