Infrastructure of Northeast Johnson County

The NE section of Johnson County developed first in terms of suburban neighborhoods, and now much of the infrastructure (from water & sewer lines to housing and retail stock) is aging.

What do you think should be done to ensure those areas don’t fall into blight? Think in terms of neighborhood advocacy or govemental policy.

How can the area be revitalized without changing the historical/community character? Or is that at all important? How do initiatives like Overland Park’s Vision Metcalf plan fall into the future success of these older areas?

This is a discussion question for the Local History Round Table Event, held at Johnson County Library on October 7, 2009. RSVP for this event


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  1. Bonnie Temple Blackwell

    Need answer: Where was the J C Nickols camp located in Johnson Co,, Olathe, in the 1920/30’s thanks, bjb

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