History mystery: Fun in the Sun

Last week someone dropped by the Central Resource Library with five photographs he/she wanted to donate. Unfortunately none of our local history librarians were in the building so they were left for a librarian on his desk. As a result we do not know who this kind person is, nor do we know exactly what is depicted in the photographs.

That being said, these are some cool pictures. Four of the five are set at a very large swimming pool and show groups of children from elementary to high school ages.

group photo at pool

children at a pool.

children at a pool.

And this one is my absolute favorite of the group. The way this girl is demonstrating a diving stance makes me wonder if this was a swim or dive team member with her coach.

man and girl at pool.

And here is the odd one out. These girls have shirts that read “Stomp Squad ’69” which at least allows us to date the photo to 1969. Sounds like it may have been a cheerleading team.

group photo

What do you think? Anyone have a guess as to what these photos are?

And if the kind person who dropped these off comes across this post, send me a message!



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2 responses to “History mystery: Fun in the Sun

  1. elaine hager

    Photo #3 looks like Homestead Country Club?

    judging from cars in background and style of clothing, maybe late 1950’s or early 1960’s?

  2. elaine hager

    Photo # 5 could be a reference to SM South. The Stomping Romping Raiders?

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