Fire at Historic Overland Park Country Club

Last night local residents received the sad news that the clubhouse at Milburn Golf & Country Club was in flames. Milburn is one of the oldest businesses in Overland Park and is a relic of its earliest days as an escape from urban life. Situated on the Strang Interurban railroad, the Club was easily accessible from Kansas City proper and other parts of Johnson County. The Milburn Place subdivision was the original group of homes that lay adjacent to the Club and provided the Strang Line stop.

1922 atlas.

Milburn Country Club on the 1922 Atlas of Johnson County

The original clubhouse burned to the ground in 1933 along with several nearby homes. Some speculation implicates the Ku Klux Klan in setting the fire at the home of a local Jewish family.

Milburn clubhouse, 1930.

Original Milburn Clubhouse prior to fire, ca. 1930

A new clubhouse was built, sitting nearly eight decades before last night’s fire.

Milburn country club.

The rebuilt Clubhouse in 1996.

Many important events in the lives of local families took place at the clubhouse such as weddings, banquets, meetings and benefit dinners.

International Cooperative Office Tea

International Cooperative Office Tea, Feb. 1950

Teacher Appreciation Banquet.

Teacher Appreciation Banquet, 1957.

The operators of the Club want to rebuild the clubhouse after the fire of 2010, just as they did in 1933. In the meantime we can remember and appreciate the important role it played in the lives of Overland Park residents and the history of the entire county.


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