JoCoHistory display problems

The software that runs our image database is having display problems with Internet Explorer version 8. When viewing a photo, you may see it for a moment before it disappears from the screen. We have fast-tracked an upgrade to the newest version of the software which should solve the problem.

In the meantime you may want to use another version of Internet Explorer or an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this causes. Hopefully these issues will be ironed out shortly. If we can assist you in any way during this transition, please contact us.




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3 responses to “JoCoHistory display problems

  1. Dale

    Dave, What’s up with the ad? Is that a new thing or are you trying to make a little extra sumptin-sumptin?

    I think your IE8 problem (IE9 too?) may be because it’s displaying in Quirks mode. You could try adding to the header. It works for me but the thumbnail image shows up and I know at some point we hid that. Anyway, just a suggestion.


  2. Thanks Dale, I’ll look into it. Are you really seeing ads here? I can’t see any, and they are supposedly forbidden

  3. I can see the ad as well – I think the issue is that will run Adsense ads on blogs hosted there. They “sometimes display discreet AdSense advertisements on your blog to help pay the bills”. This can be disabled by getting the No Ads upgrade:

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