Civil Rights Pioneering in Johnson County

Ribbon cutting at Sewing Realty

This photograph shows Donald Sewing and his family and friends at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Sewing’s Overland Park real estate office in 1970.
Donald Sewing was a civil rights pioneer in Johnson County.
The Sewings moved to Fairway in 1966, the first African-American family to do so. Fairway’s mayor blocked off roads to keep away onlookers, and the Sewing home had a police watch for a time.
Mr. Sewing’s real estate company sold houses to African-Americans in order to fight housing discrimination in Johnson County.
When asked how he wanted to be remembered in the future, Mr. Sewing said, “That I was one of the active spearheads of a metropolitan movement to integrate suburbia.”
Donald Sewing passed away in 2007 at the age of 76.


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  1. i have heard this before but can’t recall where i did, still interesting though,

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