Suburban Bliss: The Political Cartoons of Bob Bliss

Photo of cartoonist Bob Bliss in his studio

Johnson County Museum, a JoCoHistory partner organization, has an exhibit featuring the work of suburban political cartoonist, Bob Bliss, covering the time period of 1991-2002 when the cartoons appeared in the Sun Newspapers. Bliss focused on issues of concern for suburban residents, bringing the subjects to life with a tongue-in-cheek illustration style that spared no one. His cartoons appeared in the Sun Newspapers from 1991 to 2002. The exhibit runs through September 2, 2013 and admission is FREE.

Bliss cartoon

When viewed as a complete body of work, Bliss’ cartoons become more than black and white drawings on newsprint.  They represent a significant period in Johnson County’s history when it was no longer viewed as simply a bedroom community to Kansas City, Missouri.  Johnson County was embarking on an era of economic autonomy, which meant change and uncertainty. For more than a decade, Bliss illustrated his way through local issues big small, making issues such as taxes and suburban sprawl come to life on the editorial page.

Bliss cartoon

Bob Bliss’ political cartoons served as perfect companion pieces to the editorials and straightforward news articles found in the Sun.  His unique form of cartooning resulted in illustrations that spotlighted local issues that affected Johnson County residents from all walks of life.  For over a decade, Sun readers could rely on Bob Bliss for political cartoons that were informative, sometimes controversial, and always very funny.


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