John’s Space Age Donuts

Rod and John Taylor.

Rod and John Taylor.

When John and Velma Taylor opened John’s Space Age Donuts at 8124 Floyd Street in Overland Park in 1967, little did they know that their two sons, John and Rod, would be running the place 46 years later.  The popular donut shop has been a destination for Johnson County residents for nearly half a century.  The key to success?  “You get out what you put in.  We’re here every day,” said John Taylor.

John and Rod’s parents had previously owned the Dixie Cream donut shop on 31st and Troost in Kansas City for five years before they bought the building in Overland Park as an investment.  An auto parts store operated in the space for a brief period before the Taylors decided to set up shop, and John’s Space Age Donuts was born.  The shop has stuck with the same routine and the same delicious recipes throughout the years.  In 1967, there were two other donut shops within five blocks, but John’s is the only one to survive the test of time.  The Taylor brothers routinely sell out of donuts and close up shop early.

When asked if the shop has changed much, John replied, “not at all.”  The counter and stools are all original from the day the Taylors moved in 46 years ago.  “I still got my high school job,” John said with a laugh.  In addition to John and Rod, John’s wife and two sons work at the shop, making John’s Space Age Donuts a family business in every sense of the word.

– Matt Gilligan, Johnson County Museum



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