A Piece of History in Strang Park

When the sun is shining, it’s time to head outside. How about visiting local history sites in your neighborhood?

Overland Park and much of the rest of Johnson County grew and developed as a result of William B. Strang and the electric interurban railroad he built to provide convenient travel between Kansas City and the new suburbs. If you’d like to read more about how Strang got started, take a look at our previous post on Overland Park  and this article from the Johnson County Museum: “The Overland Turnpike: William Strang and His Interurban Railroad”. Strang chose to build his railroad on high ground to avoid the hazards of flooding, and much of the track ran parallel to the old Santa Fe Trail, from which the Oregon Trail splits off just west of Gardner.

There are remnants of the Strang Line tracks in Strang Park at 89th and Farley, just behind Johnson County Library’s Central Resource Library. In honor of the Santa Fe Trail, there are additional historical markers describing and mapping the western migration to Oregon, California and the Southwest.

While you’re in the neighborhood, we invite you to stop by the Central Resource Library and browse our books and resources about the Santa Fe Trail!


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