Historic Church Buildings in Lenexa

Salem Lutheran Church and Holy Trinity Catholic Church are just some of the Lenexa, Kan., institutions that date back to the late 1800s. This was a time when populations from different backgrounds traveled west for reasons that include railroad expansion and land opportunities. Groups of settlers brought with them a variety of religions and beliefs. Thus, Lenexa has an intriguing assortment of church buildings, many that have been reconstructed since their beginnings.

Salem Lutheran Church 

An influx of German settlers that practiced the Lutheran faith found themselves in need of their own church around the 1880s. Salem Lutheran Church was organized in the fall of 1885 with 10 charter members (SLC, 2015). In the early days, services were preached in German and Sunday School in English.

salem church 1800s

Photo courtesy of the Salem Lutheran Church

In 1922, a tragic fire destroyed the original Salem Lutheran building. A new building was constructed, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows, a new pipe organ and other additions. The new church building opened on May 24, 1924.


Salem Lutheran Church, circa 1990. 9135 Haskins Street, Lenexa, Kan.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Holy_Trinity_Catholic_Church 1800s

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 1882. 9138 Pflumm Road, Lenexa , Kan.

Twenty families in Lenexa requested permission to start a Catholic parish in 1880. The request was approved (one can assume by the Catholic Church) and in 1882, a small white framed church was built for the Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

By 1911, the parish had significantly grown in numbers and a new larger building constructed of stone was completed. Approximately 2.8 million pounds of rock was brought to the site by parish members and their wagons (HTCH, 2015).


Holy Trinity Catholic Church, circa 1988.

As Lenexa experienced a population boom in the 1990s, a new church was built in 1996 to accommodate Holy Trinity’s growing parish. As you can see, the architecture is modern and quite different from the other two buildings before it.


Holy Trinity Catholic Church, circa 2000.

-Beth Edson, Johnson County Library


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