New Plans for Old Favorites

Update on 8/3/2015: Many thanks to everyone who completed the JoCoHistory Planning Survey! You’ve shared a lot of great feedback, so we’ll close the survey for now so we can start planning projects and improvements that you want to see.


Raise your hand if you have 5 minutes to spare.

Johnson_County_Museum_photo (3)

Great! Take a quick survey for us to start planning the future for JoCoHistory.

Do you use JoCoHistory to learn about your hometown, complete school projects, research family history or simply for general interest? Perhaps you love perusing the old photographs and newspapers from days gone by. Maybe you’d like to see more local history action on Twitter and this blog so you have something to chat about over breakfast.

toddlers having breakfast

Whatever it may be, we’re excited to bring more of what you love on JoCoHistory. Tell us what you want to see »


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