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Olathe Club for the Deaf party

This photo depicts a party game along the lines of dunking for apples. Participants are trying to bite apples that hang from strings without using their hands.

apple game

People depicted here are members of the Olathe Club for the Deaf but are not identified by name. The year is not given, though it has a definite 1950s look to me.

Does this game have a name? Does anyone in the photo look familar?

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Homestead Country Club

Homestead Country Club opened on Mission Road and Homestead drive in northern Prairie Village in 1953. Here’s a snapshot of two kids in the wading pool with adults lounging in the background.
The picture dates to about 1954 or so. The children are Ellen and Richard Parenteau.

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The Red Cross in Johnson County

This gentleman is wearing a Red Cross uniform from the World War I era.


He is identified as Melvin Golden who went on to become a driver in the DeSoto area for many years. He died in 1968 at age 80 and is buried in DeSoto cemetery.

Another Red Cross person is depicted in this cheery photo.


Her name is Ruth Miller. She joined Red Cross Club Mobile Unit in 1941, serving in England and Belgium.

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History Mystery: Rural Service Club

From the files of the Home Demonstration Agent we have a group portrait of the Rural Service Club from 1935.


Members are not identified, nor is their association with the Home Demonstration Agent described. The image comes from the collection of the Johnson County Archives.

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